Sending to Medical Records for Import/Scan

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ScenarioRecords are received in a work queue and need to be sent, or moved, to a medical records department for the purpose of importing/scanning to a patient chart

There are two distinct roles in this workflow, both with different responsibilities and both equally as important. 

Original Receiving Work Queue: The person, or team, who access the received items and 'sorts' them for processing.

Medical Records Department: The person, or team, responsible for importing/scanning records to a patient's chart. 

This workflow leverages ghost users for the purpose of assignment to help Medical Records department easily identify items that should be scanned and for which department.

Original Receiving Work Queue Start Here

Log into the Centralis Health secure web portal and click on the text New

When your active work queue list displays confirm you are viewing your list Oldest First

To open a work queue item, click on the blue hyperlinked text under the # or Patient column.

Update Item with patient's name and DOB, and for this example you can add the Fin/Encounter number to the tag line for easy association later on in the workflow. Don't forget to click Save Details

To forward the item to Medical Records department you will select the Communications tap at the top of the screen, and then chose the options to Save Comment & Forward

*example of comment you might add would be "Forwarded to Medical Records"

On the next screen you will then select the new destination work queue and select add

Then you will add the assignment and select add.

The outcome of the previous to steps should result in the below, once confirmed you can select Send. 

*a message template can be created under the users My Profile page in the portal if you want to include a standard message for Medical Records to receive after sending. 

After clicking Send you will be taken back to the original work queue item, if all work has been completed for your department item can be marked as done

Medical Records Department Start Here

When an item is received in the Medical Records work queue, they will be able to see the patients name and DOB, as well as the FIN/Encounter number and the task assignment right from the active work queue list.

When you are ready to import records to the chart, you can filter assignments to only see items for Case Mgt - Scanning

After opening the work queue item, you will be able to see an expanded detail view on the Item Details page, very similar to the what you might see on a fax cover page. 

To download the records you want to click Sent to EMR Folder button.

*If your download button is missing try these troubleshooting steps:

After the records is imported to your patient chart, you can mark the item as Done. This will take you back to the active work queue list to import the next item. 

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