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The New Item page can be used to send outbound communications from within the logged in Centralis Health secure Web Portal


1. Select New Item from left navigation menu

2. Add Destination

  • Select Recipient will populate your private address book
  • Enter Fax allows for ending a 10 digit fax number
  • Enter Email allows for the input of an email address

***Select Recipient is the only option that is always available, Enter Fax and Enter Email is based on participants subscription level

 3. Patient Information

To easier locate your items after sending enter patients First Name, Last Name, and DOB. 

***The Find Patient option is ONLY available if your participant provides an interface feed from your EMR/EHR, this functionality allows you to link work queue items to patient in your systems. Thus reducing the possibility of error during manual entry. 

4. Attach Files

Choose File will open your file explorer and allows you to attach PDF files, to add multiple files you will need to click Upload File and then chose the next file you wish to send. You can also Drag & Drop a file on the Choose File button to attach 

5. Send

Once you've completed the required steps above click Send, once the screen clears out you are ready to send your next time. 

Optional Inputs on New Item Page

  • Urgent - Allows users to flag items as urgent which will display in red font in the secure web portal. If recipient is in network Centralis Health participant they will also see the item in Red in their received queue
  • Digital Download - Will send a single page FAX that includes download instructions to access the full fax document. Great for sending faxes over 50 pages, or if the recipient would benefit from a full color document like a picture
  • No Cover Page - Removes the default Centralis Health cover page if you wish to use your own, OR if you are sending medical records back to an organization that requests their c over pages be the first page on a return fax

  • Add Assignment - Can be used to send to a specific user at another in network Centralis Health participant.

  • Select Message Template - If you have a need to enter the same message on your outbound items you can create a Message Template that can be selected rather than typing the message each time. How to Create a Message Template

  • Referral and Records Request - These can be checked if you want your sent item to stay in an active status for tracking purposes. Item sent in this manor will stay in a pending status in the Sent Items Requiring Action section of the secure portal dashboard for the purpose of follow up, and must be marked as done by the sender to clear from dashboard. 

  • Referral Reason and Referring Provider - These fields should be used IF you select the Referral check box mentioned about. This will allow for bettering reporting on your side, and provides in network Centralis Health participants more details when reviewing referrals.

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