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Step-by-Step Guide

Must Do's

If you ever open a work queue item and are not going to work that item thru to next work flow step you should ALWAYS put that item back in a New status. Once you click this button you will be taken back to the Received Work Queue list.

This will put the item back in a New status, which is visible from My Dashboard let you or your co-workers know it needs to still be worked

The next thing you should ALWAYS do is review the attached document and update the item with the patients name and DOB, then click Save Details

 Do's IF they enhance, or fit into your established workflow

If the records you received is Urgent and a Referral or a Records Request you can check  these boxes for easier tracking and reporting down the line

These check boxes correlate to those on the work queue list and allow you to filter items quickly to fit your workflow needs

If you need to come back to the item later OR you want to assign it to another user you can use the assignment dropdown

Again this too correlates to the filters on the received work queue list as seen below

Some organization have multiple work queues sometimes based on different departments, if you receive something that is meant for another department you can move that item from your queue to another in your organization as seen below. After selecting new Receiving queue and clicking Save Details the item will no longer be in your receive work queue list

Internal comments can be used to document any step in your work flow process. Comments added in this section can be seen by any co-worker who has access to Centralis Health

These comments can also be seen from the received work queue list

If you are waiting for something required to complete the next step in your work flow you can put the item in a Pending status so you can find it easily later

Easily located from My Dashboard

The Communications tab should be used for corresponding with the sender and/or forwarding the records to another destination. 

You guessed it! You can also see this communication from the received work queue list

Once you have completed all of your workflow steps, you can mark the item as done to remove it from you active received work queue list. 

Once the item is marked as done you will be taken back to your active work queue list, should you need to find the item down the line you can use the Find Item page using the patients name to easily locate.

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