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Step-by-Step Guide

First make sure you have your task list filtered in a way that matches your workflow. We recommend returning 50 to 100 items at a time, as this results in the quickest display of records. 

Newest First will display the most recent received items, conversely Oldest First will show the oldest displayed received items.

  • With External Communications will filter list to only items that have external comments (Centralis to Centralis only)

  • Only Referrals will filter list to only show items flagged a referral

  • Only Urgent will filter to just urgent items

  • Only Records Request will show just items flagged as a records request

If you know the Type of item you received you can filter by that item type here

If you want to filter by a certain status you can do that here

If you entered patient's name and DOB prior to sending you can search very easily by those details here

If you ONLY want to look at items assigned to a particular user, including yourself, you can use the Assignment filter

Lastly on the filters, you can filter by Tag if one was added during or after send. 

Do not forget once your filters are set to click Refresh to display your new results

There are two settings that are on by default on this screen

  • Auto Display Files in Item Details will display document when you open them without have to click another button to view

  • Thumbnail Hover allows you to hover over the paper icon to see the first page of the received document

Now lets talk about icons and what they mean, starting with the icons on the far left. These icons tell you the Type of item that was received, and know the type of item will help you understand the functionality available within that work queue item 

Non-Member UploadThis is an item that includes documents uploaded from a non-member who utilized your organizations unique Digital Upload URL provided to you by Centralis Health
Patient RequestThis is an item that includes documents uploaded from patient who utilized your organizations unique Digital Upload URL provided to you by Centralis Health
Outbound FaxStandard fax transmission, that takes approximately 1 minute per page to deliver and may contain some document degradation or missing pages
Secure MessageMessages received from a Centralis Health participants. These items are 100% guarantied instantly delivered with no document degradation. Allows sending and receiving to communicate without the need for more faxes and/or phone calls. 
Repository NotificationThese are notification generated from ADT feeds that participants can register for to be notified of Admits, Discharges, and Transfers from other Centralis Health participants. 

Moving one column over, you will see the comment/communication  bubbles

Internal CommentIf you see this icon it means you have comments added by one of your co-workers, only users within your participant can see these comments
External CommunicationThis icon indicates a communication outside of your organization, in most cases these will be between Centralis to Centralis participants

Here is what they look like with the work queue list

To open a work queue item simply click on the hyperlinked Item # or Patient

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