Inbound hReferral Walkthru (Fax Referral)

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1. Log into the Centralis Health secure web portal: HTTPS:// 

2. Make sure you are associated to your main inbound work queue before starting the process. 

In the Received Items Requiring actions box you will see New, Pending, and Needs Attention statuses. If this workflow is followed the below is what you can infer these statuses mean to you.

New: Referral in which the patient has not yet been contacted to schedule

Pending: Referral that has been contacted and at least one message has been left for the patient to schedule

Need Attention: Referral has been opened/viewed, but not attempt has been made to schedule appointment

Centralis Health recommends that you work all work queue items in the following order, Need Attention, New, and lastly Pending.  This will ensure that all new inbound referrals are contacted before you make follow-up calls on older referrals. 

2. Processing New, Need Attention, Pending items Items are virtually the same, to access the items in the status just click on the words Need Attention or New to be taken to the active work queue list. 

3. Sort list oldest to newest using the filters at the top

4. Open item by using hyper link, and confirm patients name and DOB are added and that the referral box is checked

5. Reach out to patient to schedule appointment follow below steps depending on outcome. 

If scheduled: 

Add appointment date and time and updated Receiving Provider with the provider the appointment is scheduled with. If appointment is scheduled with patient make sure the boxed next to Patient Notified is checked

Click Fax Back Notification 

When the screen updates input the fax number, confirm the message in the highlighted section, then click Send

You will be taking back to the work queue item, from the Receiving dropdown select your gateway download work queue, then click Save Details. You will be taken back to active work queue list and your scheduled item will be downloaded via the gateway automatically. 

Message left:

Add a comment to the comment section, click Pending (which will save your comment), and then Back to return to the active work queue list

Last Attempt/Unable to Schedule: 

Add comment with reason you are unable to schedule appointment, then click Fax Back Notification

Enter the fax number, confirm you message and then click Send

Then mark the item as Done, and you will be taken back to your active work queue list to process the next referral

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