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Step-by-Step Guide

After a work queue item is sent you will be able to locate that item within the Centralis Health secure web portal. This tutorial will walk you through all of the functionality within those sent items AFTER they have been created.

If is very important that when you send an item that you include the patients name and DOB, however if that step gets skipped you are able to add that patient name and DOB after sending. This will allow for easier look up down the line. 

This will prevent you from seeing *No Patient Provided on the active sent work queue list

Again, we hope you will flag its as Urgent or as a Referral or Records Request when you are creating your sent items, but if you need to update that after the fact you can do so by checking these boxes and clicking Save Details

This will allow you to leverage these filters on the work queue list to access records that match your workflow

When you send a record the item with automatically be assigned to you, but should you wish to assign to someone else for follow-up you can do so here. 

This allows you either to filter your sent work queue list by just your items, or of your other co-workers who have been assigned items

For faxes and secure emails ONLY you will have an option to resend the record, this is available for both successful and failed transmissions. 

Prior to re-sending we HIGHLY encourage you to confirm, and update if needed, the fax number or the email address BEFORE using the Re-fax or Re-email

Internal Comments allows you to document anything you might need to reference in the future, or that you need your co-workers to see. Notes added in this section can only be seen by Centralis Health users who are in your organization 

Once saved you will also be able to see these comments from the sent work queue list by hovering your cursor over the purple comment icon

The Communications tab provides you the ability add a comment and Forward all documents to another locations or simply add a comment and Notify the Receiving office

You will be able to see these communications on the active sent queue list by hovering over the blue communications icon

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