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In a case management workflow, there are typically lots of moving parts and many teams working together to successfully complete a task. This workflow allows for multi-team input that is easily auditable and trackable for managerial oversight. 

There are two distinct roles in this workflow, both with different responsibilities and both equally as important. 

Gatekeeper: The person who access the received items and 'sorts' them for the team to process

Assignee: The person, or team, that the gateway assigned an item for review

This workflow also leverages ghost users for the purpose of assigning items to teams and sending email notification to group mailbox maintained by the participant. 

Gatekeepers start here 

Log into the Centralis Health secure web portal and click on the text New

When your active work queue list displays confirm you are viewing your list Oldest First

To open a work queue item, click on the blue hyperlinked text under the # or Patient column.

View the document to identify the patient, locate Encounter/FIN number in Cerner and paste into Find Patient field to populate patient name and DOB, then click Save Details. You know your item is linked to patient when you see the MR# and Encounter# added under patient's name and DOB.

The gatekeeper will assign the item to a person, or team, by selecting them from the dropdown.

Once the assignments are saved, the gatekeeper will use the Back button to navigate back to the active work queue list. 

Assignees start here

For this workflow all assignments will trigger a notification email to let a user, or team, know an item has been assigned to them. The email will contain a direct link to the work queue item, please note if you aren't logged into the secure web portal you will be asked to log in prior to accessing the record. 

Or you can simply copy the item number and paste it on the Find Item page if that is easier, or you aren't already logged into Centralis Health secure web portal. 

*These notifications can be turned off once all users have created a new habit of checking Centralis Health portal for new tasks

If you do not wish to use the email link, you can click the words Received Items Requiring Actions from the Dashboard

Then change the assignment filter on the active work queue list to only display your team, or yourself. 

The purpose of the team assignment is to alert a group of people that there is an item meant for them to process. Once a person from that team accesses that item they should remove the team assignment and assign the item to themselves. This action will show everyone that you are working that item. 

The Internal Comments section should be used to document your workflow progress, this will allow your co-workers to pick up where you left off should you become unavailable. 

When you have completed your portion of the workflow you can remove your Assigment to get it off your to do list, then you can assign to a new team or person for next steps.

IF, and only if, there are no other assignments on the work queue item you can mark the item as Done.

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